Arisaema-candid_thWhen writing I follow the old rule of “write about what you know”. I become interested in a plant new to me, read about what the plant needs not only to survive but also to thrive. When forming a relationship with a plant I endeavor to give the plant what it needs, where it needs to be, in my garden. I grow those plants from seed or purchase plants and grow them to maturity.
I want to be able to write from first person experience. While I may not be an expert on the subject I do want to be able to write with authority.

The philosophy has paid off handsomely for I write feature stories for such garden magazines as The American Gardener, Fine Gardening magazine, Indiana State by State Gardening as a regular contributor. Also diverse and numerous trade magazines such as Indiana Nursery & Landscape news, freelance for Courier Journal newspaper in Louisville, KY and Christian Science Monitor.

I write a weekly blog Shade Solutions,  and an ebook Shade Garden Solutions: Eight Essential Problems Solved for Successful Shade Gardening

If you have a story you would like told with authority please contact me with the assignment.


What Gardeners are Saying about Gene’s Book . . .

“This book is filled with down home practical advice for the shade gardener. You leave the book feeling as if you have taken a stroll through Gene’s garden. It is a good read and will inspire you to consider new plants and pairings with appropriate guidance on dealing with critters and all the things that will try to thwart your efforts. This would make a great gift and belongs in every serious gardener’s library”


What Editors are Saying About Gene . . .

Gene Bush has a singular passion for gardening that he eloquently expresses through his writing. His articles are based on his years of experience, intimate gardening knowledge and admiration of Nature’s miracles.

From the idea that gardening can be done on a spiritual level to the nuts-and-bolts information of “how to grow it,” Gene always provides inspiration. He can discuss the divine aspects of planting a flower, as well as the specifics of which perennial should occupy that particular spot.


         -Michelle Byrne Walsh, editor of Indiana Gardening magazine, a State-by-State Gardening publication


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