Gene Bush, Photographer

Originally I was a freelance photographer who took location assignments such as publicity photos for aspiring singers, musical groups and commercial accounts.

When I moved to southern Indiana, I went out of business and took time off from photography. But it was not long before I found myself getting my camera and equipment from storage to take portraits of my plants and scenes in my gardens.
I found that I enjoyed photographing my gardens and plants more than any assignment I had ever received.

As my garden matured, so did my techniques in following their progress with photos and notes. In only a few years my files contained enough photos to put together slide presentations on the old carousels, which have now become digital PowerPoints. A main selling point in my writing assignments is my supplying custom photos to match the text of each story. My passion for photography only grows with each early morning shooting session in my garden.

All photos used in the creation of this website, as well as photos used with my writing and speaking, are taken by me in my southern Indiana hillside shade garden. You will see my style, my way of seeing, each photo taken at a time of my choosing, to create a casual portrait in the garden environment. My photos aim to bring out what best makes that individual plant a species or cultivar—its “personality,” if you will.

You can view my work at Pinterest where I have some 23 boards containing multiple examples of my photos. Please click the leaf below to link to my Pinterest page.


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