Spring Show 

A sad Sunday, indeed. I must admit that today was a sad Sunday for adult children. The Easter Bunny did not arrive. There was no basket. A Hallmark card addressed to me was not on the kitchen table. Worse still was the blatant lack of chocolate eggs and other sweets nestled in the faux bright-green grass.  Makes one wonder about the world’s condition when the Easter Bunny has been quarantined.

Early awakening fern, Chinese ginger


To enhance the mood of the morning skies are heavily overcast, sprinkles of rain dancing through, practicing for the coming cool rain. There will be no play time in the garden, just the colorful blare of a TV, all sound and light, but now a tired distraction. This is one of those times when I will need to look within myself and locate a reserve of quiet comfort. Make-do is not enough this morning.

Looking Outward

Looking outward through the patio doors the scenery is of native Redbuds in bloom with the cultivar Appalachian Red kicking up the color several notches. Daffodils are in bloom, with Dicentra and Galtonia performing below the redbuds. The lawn if filled with Spring Beauty blooms and early violets. A backdrop of fresh spring-green buds forming the forest provides the background. My expectations created of past experiences created a let-down, but simply looking outside color parts overhanging gloom, the world goes on with its usual seasons.

Looking Inward

Now that I can see the world does go on in spite of how I feel now, I find I can look inward finding I am not all that disappointed with my world changing. I will probably survive the lack of chocolate eggs and holiday traditions. The child within is surrounded by an adult, so there will be reassurance of another day to come, perhaps some eggs from Amazon. All really will be OK for we have a comfort within that comes from being a gardener.

Birdbath, Anemone nemorosa Dee Day


Later in the day a trip to the greenhouse will be stepping into another world. One of warmth, of lights, or jungle-moist air and green plants on racks and tables. Closing doors behind me cuts off trails of disappointment and discontent. My physical and spiritual well-being just joined my mental state forming contentment. Hands and eyes will be busy watering needy plants, seedlings will be transplanted to new and bigger homes and all will be fed. I have entered a world of silent communication, of attachment, of being a part of another world.

The Garden

Misting showers have disappeared and more light has filtered in brightening the morning so I know there will be a walk in the garden. There I will continue in my place of peace and contentment. In bloom are results of all my past times in the garden, brightening my day in a way no TV screen can. As I walk I imagine all the times to come in the garden forming a continuing relationship that is always there for me.  Contentment in continuity of yesterday, today and promises of tomorrow that only gardening can give.


A very large Easter Bunny who appeared to be afraid of falling from the top of a fire engine came by my home while I was walking the garden. Siren was earsplitting, the lights flashing through the dreary gloom like a light saber. Following was the local police car making those weird watch-me sounds and light show. Inside both were waving children. While I cooked dinner my wife made lava cakes for dessert. So. I spoke too soon: Yes, the Easter Bunny did come and I had chocolate.

If you have physical limitations while gardening you are in my book. Excellent read while at home.