Living With L:imitations

Wintergreen in Snow

Practice Makes Perfect

The old proverb practice makes perfect has been further refined to only perfect practice makes perfect. I am not sure just how perfect my new strategy for success is, but I am going to attempt putting some distance between myself and my need to garden. I am aware Yoda would say “Do not try. Do.” Also my strategy sounds like a chain smoker saying “Well, beginning today I will only smoke one a day.” Whatever the odds, I feel the timing is just right for the practice to begin.

Winter Arrival

We skipped fall and went straight into winter this year, so that forced me from actively gardening earlier than I normally wander back into the house mumbling under my breath. I was off to a good beginning. Perhaps, just perhaps, if I could shift my focus I would not miss my gardening activity so much (as in no withdrawal symptoms).

Cyclamen hederifolium, long leaf form, with Christmas ornaments


The holidays are filling much of the empty space gardening once occupied. Thanksgiving week was filled with three dinners with three families and a lunch with my eldest son. There was all the menu planning and shopping, the cooking for each dinner fingers crossed some dessert would be left over to bring home.  Just after Thanksgiving Christmas kicks in with all the decorating inside and out of home. The gift shopping, addressing the cards, special family holiday meals and get togethers. That takes up the month of December. So, November and thus far in December I have hardly missed not being in my garden.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Among the best evergreen perennials for the winter garden.

It is sometimes said when you can no longer do it, you talk about it. I may have physical limitations on my gardening to be managed, but I can use my memories to share through writing and photography, speaking. Talks are scheduled for the coming year. I have an editor for my book “A Gardener Grounded” and we hope to have the book in publication by February. Meanwhile, I am working on a new talk Alternative Gardening to accompany the book. Just in case there are some empty spaces I am completing another book to go into editing soon as the A Gardener Grounded is published. That is quite a bit of talking gardening to keep me occupied. Talks reach into mid-March so I am away from the garden until late winter blooms begin.

The Proof

The real answer to my practicing withdrawal from my garden will come in late winter to early spring with the new season begins. Anywhere from mid-December through mid-February, depending upon weather, there will be blooms of hellebores in abundance, drifts of snowdrops, and clumps of Adonis. By mid-March the early spring natives will be coming into bloom. I know I will be out there walking the garden and being a part of the design.


Stay Tuned

The big question will be, will my being away from active gardening over winter be enough for me to have adjusted to stepping back; as in no more new plants? Or, will the distance only enhance my need to get out there for just one more season?

Will I be speaking at your Gardening Event in 2020?