Living With Limitations:

Witch-Hazel tree in winter bloom

But, I’m Not Finished

But, but, but, I am not finished yet! I have been gardening for over thirty years now and one would think I know when fall is here winter is coming. It is the way the system works. It’s just you don’t get to know exactly when that winter season will arrive. Every fall and winter transition it is always the same. I am not ready to stop active gardening due to unfinished projects. This year it is picking up leaves and using them as a mulch in the garden. But, I have an excuse this year. The weather went absolutely off track and we had record breaking temps much earlier than normal. I am sure we will have some warm afternoons to get back out and work, but gardening is pretty much over here.


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is peeking around the corner trying to wedge in front of Santa here during our overcast gray days. The symptoms are fatigue, depression, withdrawal from others and a general feeling of hopelessness. Different people react differently, but I tend to think gardeners get hit harder than “normal people.” We need to be out there in the light, getting those helpful microbes under our fingernails. Thankfully treatment is easy and effective.

Light Up My Life

Getting the missing light is easily accomplished with a special lamp. Light therapy lamps cause chemical changes in the brain linked to mood, sleep and reduce symptoms of SAD. The lights (photo therapy) have a wide range in size and prices and they can be very effective in chasing away SAD. I happened to have a preference for the activities that keep me close to gardening.

Wintergreen in Snow

Talking Gardening

Talk therapy is another method of SAD treatment, so I plan on having some gardeners over to my home over the holidays for dinner. I will also fire up the greenhouse, clean it up a bit and invite a few gardeners over to have tea or a glass of wine with cheese and crackers. Nothing cures the winter blahs better than talking gardening and plants. Next up is to make sure I attend some of the great gardening conferences that begin just after the holidays. Master Gardener groups will be putting on great conferences all around me and I plan on saying hello. My first two talks will be in mid-February so that takes care of that month. Turn loose of the internet and go out and hug a real gardener.

Monk’s Hood, Aconitum Bakeri


I am told there are meds one can take for SAD, but my answer to that one as a gardener is why? There are so many “natural” solutions. One of my projects is to work on a concept over winter designing my need for a perfect garden to be in my future. What I can and cannot physically do in a garden has changed dramatically over the past few years, so not if I am to continue gardening I must change my concept of what a garden is to me. My best guess is whatever form it takes it will have to be a passive garden. Passive, perhaps, but still remain true to what I feel a garden must be that would include me.

See You

So. Do I get to meet you over the winter? I am willing to hug if you are. Perhaps we can meet after the event and have dinner with a glass of wine. I am looking forward to your company.

A sure way to meet up with each other is to invite me to speak at your next garden event.