Living With Limitations: Hibernation

Helleborus foetidus, Bear paw Hellebore


Looks as though my hibernation is coming to an end. However, unlike the bear, my hibernation means I have put on weight from standing at the window eating snacks while waiting for gardening weather. Then there were the snacks at tea time to go with my scanning gardening catalogs. Perhaps a dessert after dinner while watching the TV. (The stress of no new plants in my hands demanded compensation eating sweets.) That has pretty much come to an end. Now it is salads with lots of fresh greens and veggies, cutting back on refined sugar and no desserts after dinner. Getting in shape to go outside the den now.

Helleborus x garden hybrid, Thumbprints


Coming out of hibernation and winter fat also means back to some exercise to get ready for the garden. I am not overly fond of my treadmill but if I am to be more active that is where it will all begin (another shaking my head from side to side and growling). Need to loosen up from all the times I skipped walking the treadmill in favor of Facebook. My routine will begin with short periods, increasing in increments as each day passes. Always a price for past behavior, sigh.

Hardly Bear It

I can hardly bear the weight, ah, that is wait, for spring to show up on the calendar and in my garden. The weatherman does say we will have one good day this week to play in the garden. The morning will be in 50’s, afternoon in the 60’s with sunshine and low winds. Just about perfect. I spend the morning just walking the paths in my garden. Just being there and enjoying looking at spaces where there will be excitement shortly. I called it limbering up. Come afternoon I was out there rake handle in my hands as I begin to clean debris from the paths. An hour later it was time to not overdo it and I stopped to admire my handiwork. Clean paths reaching up and across the hillside made me feel like I had created a new world, waving that long handled wand. While standing at the bottom of the hill looking upward I imagined ephemerals peeking from under leaf litter and posing for photographs.

Helleborus thibetanus, Thibetan Hellebore buds emerging


The next 3 days are to be heavily overcast with continual raining giving me more than enough time to plan a strategy for tackling the next garden chore day available. Meanwhile, there is seed and plant swapping, last minute siren calls to be answered when another new plant is discovered on the web. Shortly there will be trips to garden centers to follow up on my wish-lists, along with fertilizers, mulch and soil conditioners.

It is time for the great awakening.


Coming Soon

New Presentation to accompany my book A Gardener Grounded; Meeting Life Challenges Post Diagnosis