Corydalis solida selection 

I feel sure everyone has heard and lived enough of Covid-19 virus that you do not need more news on that front from me. However, it has definitely changed every facet of our lives and that includes our gardening. Rather than dwell upon the negative aspects, I intend to stick to the positive as much as possible. Remember, I am only chatting about my gardening. The rest of life can stand outside the gate and wait for me to return to ‘real’ life and its concerns.


With my medical conditions life out there in the real world is a definite hazard to not only my well being, but my life. I am observing self-quarantining and my wife is as well so she does not bring anything home. Over these past weeks she has used this time to clean, polish, paint, cut and reorganize everything that does not run from her. Even with my limited physical abilities I have pulled more weeds, cleaned more debris, than at any point in my gardening career. If I can keep it up my garden will look the best it has ever looked this time of the year.

Garden Centers

It is still early in the garden season for visits to my local garden centers, but they are there working and there is nothing wrong with my cell phone. I called this past week and they delivered 10 cubic years of mulch fines along with 2 bottles of deer spray. If current restrictions remain in place on shopping I have a feeling that if I know what I want in the way of trees and shrubs and my favorite local garden center carries the plants, they will deliver. Not my favorite way to select plants, but one has to adapt to ‘geterdone’. I am staying in touch with the garden center manager by phone and text to purchase trees and shrubs as they arrive.

When it comes to perennials my intention is to hold out in hopes that I can experience shopping at garden centers picking not only what is on my wish list, but seeing what else I need/want that I was not aware of.

Double Primula vulgaris hybrid

Social Distancing in the Garden

Karen, gardening friend and former nursery owner, called offering to share seedlings she had been successful in germinating. The plants were in containers and labeled, watered and arranged neatly in a box she placed in my greenhouse. As she walked my garden I waved to her and shouted my appreciation as we kept our distance. There were five seed strains of Delphiniums x millennium quart containers with multiple seedlings just begging to be separated. Another container held seedlings of a native Filipendula rubrum, while two more were filled with Salpiglossis, an annual she fell in love with at Longwood Gardens. She had also dug some perennials from her garden and they were in larger containers: Actaea for actaea japonica ‘cheju-do’ and Iris x robusta Gerald Dabney. Could not have done better had I made a trip to a garden center.

Primula vulgaris hybrid

Mail Order: Social Distancing at its Extreme

I promised myself I would not order from websites or catalogs this year and hold out for garden center shopping where the plants would be much larger for about the same money. When Covid – 19 came along that ended that bit of wishful thinking. I did give in and place two small orders for plants I could no longer live without and one order arrived the afternoon after Karen left. I waited twenty-four hours before opening the box and playing with the plants Karen gifted me. Yes, you can go to heaven without passing away (well, somewhat).

If I cannot get out and shop the plants come to me. How cool is that?


If you have physical limitations when gardening you are in my book.