Living With Limitations:

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Do You Believe

Do you believe in coincidence? The word gets tossed around fairly frequently. Coincidence is two, or more, related things having an unexplained connection. Some say since we did not have control over the experience, it must have been divine providence. Others say it is the human mind assigning meaning where random events occur. I will admit to assigning meaning to a series of connections (or what I saw as connected events) I recently experienced. Enough relevance to raise the hair on the back of my neck thinking about the series of events.

The Past

One year ago my wife gave me a special gift for Christmas. Season tickets to Louisville Orchestra Friday Coffee Concerts. The tickets were for more than live classical music; it was the total day of time away together, lunch someplace a bit upscale within walking distance of the event. A ticket stub, a program booklet, a memory each month for the drawer.

Gentiana saponaria

First Seating

The event is an hour’s drive, so we gave ourselves a bit of extra time just in case of traffic complications in downtown Louisville, KY. We ordered ourselves a free cup of hot tea and people watched until a few minutes before the concert was due to begin. We located our entrance to the hall, found our seat numbers, and took our seats with my wife going before me. We settled in and I found a place for my oxygen bottle that would not trip others as they filled by to their  seats. It looked as though all the seats in our row were filled with the exception of the two beside me and it was getting close to the program beginning. There was movement in the corner of my eye and the last two seats were being taken.

I could not help but stare as the couple close to my age took their seats, the wife next to me, and the husband laying his oxygen bottle across his lap. So. What are the odds of two males on supplemental oxygen being seated next to each other in a crowd of hundreds? I was trying to think of something to say in the way of introducing myself when the lady spoke and introduced themselves, but the music began and quieted our conversation.

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At intermission conversation began and I was introduced to the husband, but the wife was the talkative one of the two. I learned both her husband and I had COPD, although from different sources. I also learned he was a well-respected landscaper with a special fondness for native plants, recently forced into early retirement. His wife bemoaned the large garden they could no longer take care of, and did that ever sound familiar. What are the odds? I, too, had a passion for native plants, had a large garden I had lost control over and had just retired from my nursery business. So very similar. It was as almost as though I was staring into a large mirror (but the ‘other I’ was more handsome). Although we promised to visit each other, have lunch, it did not materialize over summer break.

Return Performance

My wife subscribed for another season and so did the other couple. I was unable to attend the first two performances due to illness, but when I did attend, I was greeted by the wife describing her beginning of a long tiresome journey. She had been recently diagnosed with COPD. Cardiologists, pulmonologist, tests, echocardiograms, her new journey was just beginning.  Having some concept of what was to come for her, I could certainly sympathize.


Originally, I intended to write of this experience close to a year ago, but the story simply would not flow. The return performance episode seemed to bring it together. So. Was it all ‘just a coincidence?’  Perhaps a ‘SIGN’? Was I was looking too hard and finding woo-woo that was not there?

My bellybutton tells me there will be more to come from all of these ‘perhaps and maybes’.

Time remains to request Gene as speaker for your 2020 garden event.