Gardening with Limitations:No Promises Made

Witch-Hazel tree in winter bloom

Not Making Any Promises

I am not making any promises to myself this year, but, I do have a mental list of dreams I have had at 3 AM while in and out of sleep.

Both the Bible and Confucius used a version of the quote “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” I also like “stop banging your head against a brick wall.” My hard copy calendar for this year has the heading of a single word. “Adapt”. My 3 AM mantra is “Accept, Adapt, Relax” into my CPAP mask, over and over until I drift back to sleep. Of course the trick is to awaken to a world I have accepted, adapted to reality and learned to become so laid back I will need roller-skates on the back of my hat. Here I am and I have a disease, but that disease does not have me.

While some dream of dancing sugar plum fairies over the holidays I go for visions of my garden in the coming year. I can see with perfect clarity what could be, then imagine in detail what I want it to be. How I plan to “make it so”. I can see into the future of the coming year, the steps needed to see my dreams with waking eyes. My visions are in color, so there are times when it is as if I were watching a movie; then I have trouble getting back to sleep for my mind has awakened.


Wintergreen in Snow

My dreams of gardening are often reoccurring, and the amazing thing is, no matter how often the same dream repeats, they never become boring (can one become bored with their own dreams?). The dreams may have the same outline, but the details are different; the colors brighter, a different shrub, a slightly different arrangement of the same plants. Perhaps a different section of the garden.
While I was working on one specific area of the garden last fall and weather forced me out before I completed my project, my dreams keep returning to that one spot left bare. I see a hibiscus with foliage the color of a summer thunderstorm, a Weigela with dark ruby red foliage and another with variegated foliage of golden sunsets. If my wallet allows, perhaps a Spirea in golden foliage and blooms. The shrubs keep floating around creating arrangements of themselves somewhat like those dancing sugarplums.

A Narrow View
There is an area in my garden that runs along a path and is narrow, making it hard to design. To complete the picture I have never been able to get anything to grow well either in reality or my dreams. Now I am seeing visions of containers. Containers revealed to me in a chance encounter at a garden center. Ella is the brand name and they will be square in outline color of teak brown. Three in different sizes, heights and all filled with ferns.

Come spring I will find the differences between reality and dreams, but for now, what would a gardener do without dreams of his next garden?


2019 Begins a new series of Blogs. What does one do after they find themselves living with limitations in life and in gardening? I will be sharing my new  life  in 2019.