Chasing the Rare & Unusual for Shade


Collecting is much like dating.

You become aware; something in your peripheral vision, a mention in a casual conversation, or perhaps a photo. Best yet an actual sighting. One good look and you are hooked. The hormones kick in and the chase is on. You pester your friends for an introduction.

Finally you meet and a new relationship begins to form.

Gene tells all about the loves of his life as a collector of the rare and unusual in his Southern Indiana Shade Garden.

Fees and Arrangements for Talks

PowerPoint presentations and lectures within 50 miles of Depauw, Indiana are $650.00. Distances of 50 miles and over are base fee plus expenses. Expenses include reservations at a motel for overnight accommodations, and mileage. Mileage is set at the current federal travel allowance. It is preferred that you make motel reservations at or close to the speaking venue, and that you handle payment. Expense can be estimated in advance if you prefer to write one check. Google Maps is used for estimated mileage expenses. A check will be required at the end of my presentation.

My preference is to stay within an 8 to 10 hour driving range of Depauw, Indiana, but we do make occasional trips further afield. Trips needing travel by flight require you making full arrangements including travel from destination airport to speaking venue or motel.

If you did not see a title to fit your needs, a presentation can be specifically designed to match the needs of your group at a slight additional fee.

The number of presentations scheduled each year is limited. Please call or email for a booking well in advance so you and your group will not be disappointed.

Let’s talk about my making an appearance at your next Garden / Horticulture event. Look over the PowerPoint Presentations, my One Sheet with testimonials, and past Appearances. You will want to book me now for your upcoming event/symposium. By making arrangements well in advance, you will be more readily assured of getting me for the date and time you need.
I enjoy creating a rapport with gardeners, speaking and answering questions, conversing with members of the audience after my talk.
I look forward to working with you to make your next event a memorable one.
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