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My passion as a shade gardener began late in life. To this day I do not know whether shade gardening found me, or I found it. I do know it all began by accident. It literally began accidentally 30 plus years ago. I was riding a lawn tractor, attempting to mow on a steep hillside, when the tractor began sliding sideways. An old cedar stump stopped the tractor from continuing over a cliff edge, preventing serious injury. Since mountain goats refused to go up there to nibble grass without a parachute, I decided to plant the area in trees and shrubs.

I then made the mistake of requesting gardening catalogs so I could purchase a few shrubs. The rest, as they say, is history. My addiction to garden catalogs and gardening grows stronger with each passing year. From the beginning I have been fascinated with reading and researching, discovering plants new to me. Then the excitement of the chase; obtaining the plant, experiencing growing it to maturity; and to finally take its portrait.

My garden is a reflection of my tastes and sense of design along with an inherent desire to collect. The desire for something different or unusual continues to fill and enlarge the garden each year, and my passion remains as perennial as my plants.

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