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I tell the full story. About the garden, the plants, and the gardener’s experience. It all begins with my gardening for 30 plus years on a shaded hillside in Southern Indiana. The garden where I have grown all the plants I photograph and write about in my stories; the talks where I share my experience with fellow gardeners.

After all, a garden is not complete until it is shared.


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A Gardener Grounded

“All gardeners eventually face life-altering events. No matter how long we have gardened, or how passionately we have dedicated ourselves to the second soul we have created, changes will inevitably be forced upon our relationship with gardening.” —Gene E. Bush

Gene has carried on a 30-year love affair with a hillside shade garden he created at his home in southern Indiana, an affair that blossomed into a mail-order nursery business and then writing and speaking engagements.

This book tells how aging and chronic illness are affecting Gene’s relationship with his garden, as he comes to realize that change must happen but finds healing power in continuing to work with plants and soil.

Gardeners of all stripes will find encouragement and good humor in Gene’s account of his trials and tribulations with gardening following a series of life-altering events.

Available at in softcover and Kindle versions.

What People Are Saying About Gene . . .

“Gene Bush drew a record-breaking crowd for the Hardy Plants Society–Great Lakes Chapter, resulting in a terrific surge in new membership because of him and his topic. His humor, threaded through his knowledgeable presentation on Hellebores delighted our crowd of both experienced and new gardeners. So nice to hear a plant-savvy gardener speak on a topic he truly has experience growing. We highly recommend Gene as a speaker for your organization.”

—J.H. Program Planner