An Anniversary Rose

Four Roses Anniversary Rose


There are times when the world truly turns in tight little circles. Each event is tied to the next and before you know it, you are right back where you began.


Bourbon Tours

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My son and I have been planning two trips together this fall. One of the common interests we share is an interest in bourbon. He has made the Kentucky Bourbon Tour and we have been discussing his favorites while we plan a repeat, next time touring together. There is also a planned tour of downtown Louisville, KY Whiskey Row.


Four Roses

One distillery, Four Roses Bourbon in Lawrenceburg, KY was a highlight on his tour both for historical interest as well as the taste of their bourbons. While we were planning our trip I learned it is the 130th anniversary of Four Roses Bourbon and some special events are going on.

While dinning with my wife the subject of our bourbon tours and the Four Roses brand came into our conversation.  She has not been able to work gardening into her life this past season, but will be transplanting one new rose for her raised beds this fall. That one rose from Jackson and Perkins  fame, is the Four Roses Anniversary Rose. Told you it was a small world traveling in circles.


The Four Roses Anniversary Rose

Four Roses Anniversary Rose

I could not resist taking a look on the J&P website and I immediately saw why the Four Roses Anniversary Rose will look perfect in her garden. Photos shows blooms in red so deep you could wade in the color, making it is easy to imagine the four inch blooms with a background of aging cedar timbers in dove-gray. Individual blooms have twenty to twenty-five petals produced from early through late summer, and according to the website, pleasingly fragrant.

Foliage is medium green and glossy, resistant to rust, and powdery mildew; important to a mid-western gardener’s summers of heat and humidity. The form is upright, making room for companion plants beneath its branches which reach up to four feet in height and width. I can easily see a flow of trailing annuals and herbs providing contrast to the foliage and blooms of the rose bush.


Shipment will be in September for this area and both of us are looking forward to seeing the quality plant J&P is noted for.  My wife is meticulous when it comes to soil preparation and transplanting so I will share when she transplants her Four Roses Anniversary Rose.

Time to book Gene for next year’s garden event. Some exciting new offers in the works, so act now.